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Sour Cream


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PUE Svetlogorsk Dairy Factory

PUE Svetlogorsk Dairy Factory specializes in manufacturing of dairy products, butter and skimmed milk.

Enterprise history.

In December, 1964 from manufacture of whole-milk production and cheese firm "Russian" the beginnings the history put into operation Svetlogorsk factory.

In 1991 the shop on manufacture of dry dairy products and oils creamy is placed in operation.

In December, 1995 447 from December, 30th the factory is transformed by the decision of the Gomel regional executive committee to joint-stock company of open type - Open Society Svetlogorsk dairy factory.

In 1995 the site on pouring of dairy production is completely modernised, the line on production pouring in bottles has been replaced with packing automatic machines on pouring of dairy production in a film and packages of "Pjur-Pak".

In April, 2006 on the basis of Open Society Svetlogorsk dairy factory By joining to Open Society "Rumjantsevsky" and the further allocation from Open Society "Rumjantsevsky", the decision of the Gomel regional executive committee 329 from 4/17/2006 of year and 343 from 19.042006 years, creates the private industrial unitary enterprise Svetlogorsk dairy factory.

The principal views of production developed by the enterprise:

  • Milk drinking, kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, oil creamy (high-quality and biologically high-grade foodstuff);
  • The dry fat-free and dry whole milk (are used in the food and confectionery industry).

The basic achievement of the enterprise is commissioning of new capacities on manufacture of dry products and oils of an animal;

New boiler capacity 30-tn/hour;

New station of water treating.

Pattern of ownership and the legal status.

PUE the Svetlogorsk dairy factory is a part of the Gomel association milk of the processing Open Society "Rumjantsevsky" enterprises on the partner beginnings, being the independent economic subject possessing the rights of the legal person, has the isolated property and independent balance.


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